41 pieds full carbon catamaran


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5 photos

41 pieds full carbon catamaran
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Détails  41 pieds full carbon catamaran - Aube

Bonjour, Sorry for the english We will sell our catamaran after sponsor agreement. The catamaran are 12,48 meter long + bowspirit, 7,06 meter beam + 2 meter, mast are 21 meter height ( with rod ), max. draft 1,8 meter. We buy new C centerboards and build. This moment you can use with C centerboard. The sails : GV and fock are 3DL, code 0 and genakker. The GV top side no good, but we renew before sale. Outboard motor Mariner 3,67KW, 2 stroke. The minimum crew 3 people, maximum 12 people. Attention missing all line and block. The catamaran and all part's are carbon, build year 2012. We can change one DIAM24 with Trailer and a little money. Transport possibble 2...3€ pro km.

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