Hobie Wild Cat F18 with Deck Sweaper, to sell / à vendre à Almere


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40 photos

Hobie Wild Cat F18 with Deck Sweaper, to sell /  à vendre à Almere
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Détails  Hobie Wild Cat F18 with Deck Sweaper, to sell / à vendre à Almere

Are you the next owner of this well maintained Hobie Wild Cat? The Hobie Wild Cat is known as a catamaran with character, we have tamed it by equipping it with a decksweeper. This has curbed its diving behavior downwind and made it even faster upwind.

All sails, brand One Design 1D

Mainsail and jib, from 21-01-2020

For mainsail, the top 3 battens are available, in 2 versions: light and heavy

Reserve jib, from 10-03-2022

Nylon spi, from 07-01-2021

Polyester Spi, from 29-04-2021

Some repair patches have been stuck in the spi's.

Trampoline, made at sailmaker Remus in Zandvoort, January 2020. Pockets have been made behind the front beam and rings / feed-throughs have been made to hide lines under the trampoline.

Mainsheet 1:10, small outer pulleys replaced June 2023.

New rear beam mounted in spring 2022.

Daggerboards are adjustable from the opposite side of the cat, with lines up and down. The pull-up cord is tensioned under the trampoline as a V, ready for use and it retracts itself under the trampoline after use. Step rope is present, as is a towing line (10 meters). Trapeze lines are adjustable and connected to elastic with small sister clips, so they can easily be attached to the rigging in light weather conditions or removed during transport.

Spi, equipped with a 1-line pull-up system.

Cover for sniffer bag and ring, whereby the spi can possibly remain in the sniffer bag.

Catamaran, when not in use, is always under a Forward Sailing brand cover that has been replaced October 2022.

Measurement certificates of boat and sails are available.

I am selling this catamaran, with a bit of sadness, in order to take the next step with a new catamaran in the F18 competition field.

The condition is not new, but could pass for it due to proper maintenance.

Will be delivered with:

Measurement certificates


Hull protectors (rear)

Fixed joystick

Adjustable joystick

Covers for rudders

Cover for swords

Cover sniffer

Deck cover catamaran

Marker boards on the back and front of the hulls for safety during transport.

In short, a well-equipped catamaran that is ready for you as the new owner. Ready for recreational use and for racing.

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